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Tumblr Savior For Safari [Latest 2022]

Tumblr Savior for Safari is a browser extension that allows you to filter out unwanted posts by keywords and / or expressions. It is meant to improve your overall experience with Tumblr by matching it against your needs.
The extension provides more freedom of choice with regard to the posts displayed on your dashboard and is spiced up with a few complementary benefits that will arrange for a more enjoyable blogging platform.
In order to accommodate the add-on inside your Safari browser, you need to drag and drop the safariextz container onto an open window of the navigator and give it permission to install.
At this point, you should be able to spot a new icon next to the address bar that will trigger the control panel of the extension. Here, you can build white and black lists populated with keywords and expressions of your choice.
Using these, the browser will include or exclude specific content during your experience with the Tumblr dashboard. A quicker way to add keywords to the black list is by highlighting a certain string and using the context menu shortcut dedicated for this task.
From the Settings tab of the control panel, you will be able to make a variety of customizations, such as to hide Tumblr’s source attribution or to enable / disable notifications when a post has been hidden.
You can also set the add-on to display promoted tags or posts as normal, or to prompt you whenever a post matches a string from your white or black list.
Overall, Tumblr Savior for Safari seems like a reliable choice for Tumblr users. It can cleanup your dashboard of annoying posts using a set of filters that is easy to define.

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Last updated: September 22, 2018

Requires iOS 12.4 or later

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Ultimate Transformations for iOS – Ultra Detail – iPad

Are you a person who has an Apple device but wants to have a better experience with it? Do you want to beautify your device with a beautiful theme, with the colors and fonts that you want? Ultra Transformations for iOS is the best solution for you, with its 12 cool themes, you can transform your iOS device with the styles of a professional designer.
The application consists of 1 group: a great variety of widgets, textures and themes that cover almost all of the iOS devices. Also, the developer team has made Ultra Transformations compatible with the latest iOS devices. The most recent version of this application is 1.1.4.
Ultra Transformations has a set of 1,500+ compatible widgets and textures. It has all styles that you want, so you can customize your home screen to look unique and beautiful.
The application has a great set of widgets to choose from, you can add them as you want, you can choose from 60+ widgets, including standard widgets and fun special apps. Besides the widgets and textures, there are also wallpapers. You can set your background and with this application you can set your wallpaper to be compatible with all the most popular screen resolution on the iPad.
Ultra Transformations – free version is free to download and use, and it will include 20 widgets. With the paid version, it includes 100 widgets and 30 wallpapers. With the paid version, you get access to the backgrounds.

Nova Launcher – Style the app drawer

Your home screen looks completely different than the ones of other people. It can make you the hit of the town. The desktop of your device can also add another layer to the personality of your device. Although you can change the colors or other characteristics in the setup of your device, you still have some issues with the menu, with the app drawer, with the task switcher and with the dock.
Android users are fond of these applications, and today we will show you Nova Launcher, a beautiful application that you can install on your phone or tablet.
This is a free application that supports both launchers and you can use it to transform the style of your device. It has a set of widgets that you can place on your home screen to customize the way

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Key macro is intended for developers. In order to allow you to develop and test applications on your Mac using Keyboard Shortcuts.
This plugin gives you unlimited shortcuts for all commands you know. You can redefine any commands if you want to.
– Supports all Shortcuts
– Define your own shortcuts (Ex.⌘ + a, ⌘ + b, ⌘ + f, ⌘ + g)
– Support for TextEdit
– Support for SublimeText 2, 3
– Support for TextWrangler, BBEdit
– Support for Brackets
– Support for VS Code, Atom
– Support for vim, emacs,…
– Support for pycharm, intellij-idea,…
– Support for all appliations
– Option: support for ZSH and Bash
– Support for tmux and screen
– Support for tmux and screen
– Support for maxbond, byobu, screen, tmux
– Support for delombok, delombok
– Supports hotkeys for the Raspberry Pi
– Supports hotkeys for the Raspberry Pi
– Compatible with all command-line tools
Keymacro is a software for Mac OS X that is being developed by a team of developers. There are many of its features which can be accessed by means of macros, like the support for the Ribbon, Quick Look, etc.
It has been published as open-source software. You can find the latest development version at:

If you have some problems with using the plugin or if you have some suggestions to improve it, you can leave a comment on the project page.
Keymacro is also available in the Mac App Store. If you want to buy it, you can find it here:

If you find the app useful, please rate it and comment on the review page.

The Transmit extension for Safari is a browser extension that allows you to exchange e-mails within your browser.
By installing the extension, you can e-mail the messages you send with the browser itself without leaving the page. The exchange of e-mails can be carried out with various popular e-mail providers, like Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, AOL, etc.

Tumblr Savior For Safari 7.0.0 Crack

What is new in official Tumblr Savior for Safari Extension 1.3 update:

– Changed: Added new setting “Show Notifications”

* If you have any questions or issues regarding changes in the new update, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you.



Are you sure that you want to continue?

You are about to install Tumblr Savior for Safari, a product of Mozilla Corporation and it is not covered by any money-back guarantee. You will not be able to cancel the installation process if you change your mind for some reason. Please, review the license agreement carefully and agree to it if you want to continue.

This product is freeware, advertisement supported, and not covered by any money-back guarantee.

We provide you with a 30-day free trial of this product, and we’re going to unlock the full version as soon as you provide the registration key during the trial period.

You will receive an e-mail with the activation key as soon as you complete the free trial period.

Make sure you use a registered e-mail address and check your spam folders to avoid delay in receiving the message.

You can get the registration key by going to “Settings” page, “Registration” tab, “Add key”. Enter your e-mail address and click on “Unlock”.

If you want to restart the trial period, go to “Settings” page, “Registration” tab, and you will find there an “Unlock” button.


As one of the most popular and useful social networks, Tumblr attracts millions of users worldwide and is used by everyone from those with a professional as well as a personal blog. The tool provided by the popular blogging platform allows users to post photos, videos and other multimedia content, as well as share text messages, e-mails, HTML documents, and attachments.

Besides the ability to add unlimited media, a user can easily upload any content to Tumblr and make it available for others to see. Other special features of Tumblr include comment threads that allows users to interact with each other, as well as an option to save images to favorites.

Tumblr Savior for Safari is a browser extension that allows you to filter out unwanted posts by keywords and / or expressions. It is meant to improve your overall experience with Tumblr by matching it against your needs.

The extension provides

What’s New in the Tumblr Savior For Safari?

Limits: unlimited
OS: macOS

The purpose of this app is to allow you to easily share photos taken from your camera, on a USB drive, or SD card, using your iPhone.


Product Description

The purpose of this app is to allow you to easily share photos taken from your camera, on a USB drive, or SD card, using your iPhone.
In addition to basic file sharing, this app allows for all of your photos to be back up, with all the metadata stored along with them.
The app makes the most of the camera, letting you quickly and easily select the photo to be shared, in addition to providing a range of other customizable options.

With iCloud in place, any changes you make to your photos are automatically synced, and reflected in the image viewer app on your computer or tablet.

Key Features:
•Share the photos taken on your iPhone (Camera Roll)
•Share the photos taken on your iPhone (SD card)
•Share the photos taken on your iPhone (USB drive)
•Add copyright information to the photos
•Create a slideshow (using the photos taken on your iPhone)
•Add share links to your photos
•Go back to older photos
•Use the photos taken from your SD card
•Create a slideshow with the photos taken on your iPhone
•Import photos from your computer
•Transfer photos directly to your computer using a cable
•Import photos directly from your computer using a cable
•Export to a CSV file
•Export to a PDF file
•Export to a JPG file
•Export to a PNG file
•Resize the photos
•Create a slideshow using a set of photos
•Create a slideshow using a set of images from a PDF file
•Scale the photos
•Rotate the photos
•Crop the photos
•Perform RAW conversions
•Create a photo collage from a set of photos
•Create a photo collage from a set of images from a PDF file
•Create a photo collage from a set of images from a set of photos
•Preview the photos
•Adjust the colors of the photos
•Adjust the brightness of the photos
•Adjust the exposure of the photos
•Adjust the contrast of the photos
•Adjust the shadows of the photos
•Adjust the highlights of the photos
•Adjust the colors of the highlights of the photos
•Adjust the colors of the shadows of the photos
•Adjust the sharpness of the photos
•Adjust the vignette of the photos
•Adjust the levels of the photos
•Adjust the histogram of the photos
•Adjust the saturation of the photos
•Adjust the hue of

System Requirements For Tumblr Savior For Safari:

The game will run at a constant 60 frames per second on all computers.
The following Intel and Nvidia video cards are required:
– GTX 660 or higher
– GTX 1060 or higher
– RTX 2060 or higher
– RTX 3060 or higher
– RX 580 or higher
– Intel HD Graphics 620 or higher
– Nvidia Geforce 950 or higher
– Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580 or higher
– Nvidia GT 710 or higher
– Intel GMA 950 or



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