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.The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced that the term “microaircraft”, which has been used to describe commercial aircraft and drones that are no larger than 55 pounds, will be replaced by the term “drones.” By the end of this year, microlight aircraft will cease to be a “registered” aircraft as defined by the FAA and will need only to have an operator’s certificate in order to fly. By 2020, all recreational aircraft will be subject to the same rules for operation and use of an aircraft, and by 2022, all aircraft will fall under the same regulations. This change in terminology has now been finalized with the FAA’s Advisory Circular 150/5300-34A. It now reads “drones” for all aircraft weighing 55 pounds or less. FAA The agency states that the change in language was made to bring consistency to the management of all aircraft and to reflect the technological advances that have allowed microlight aircraft to be used in various commercial and recreational ventures. They also point out that the pilots and operators of aircraft weighing more than 55 pounds are subject to the same regulations and standards regarding the safe operation of aircraft – weight, size, structure, equipment, and registration are all considered. The FAA expects the change in terminology to ensure that hobbyists and professional pilots, who have been operating with flexible terminology for decades, are clear in their communications with the FAA and each other. They also add that the FAA values the response from the public and the microlight aircraft community during the rulemaking process, and they appreciate the community’s flexible attitude toward the use of microlight aircraft. Consolidation According to the FAA, the change in terminology will help the agency streamline its operations and strengthen safety for all types of aircraft. The agency says they will use the new terminology as a tool for ongoing compliance and enforcement activities. The FAA has been in the midst of an extensive change in policy in regard to aircraft operations. The agency has relaxed its rules for small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) and modified its Policy on General Aviation to allow for their operation within controlled airspace, but there are still some facets of their operations that are still restricted by the agency’s regulations. The FAA has also made several attempts to close down the loopholes in their policy that provide an avenue for drone operation that have

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