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The game is the next fantasy action RPG by tri-Ace, where you take on the role of a Tarnished Knight of the title and go on a journey to unravel the mystery of an ancient dragon. The game features a vast world open to exploration, the freedom to design and customize your own character, and a story told in a fragmented manner. ABOUT NIX ONLINE Nix Online is the English version of Nix Online (全世界レインボーカルオーケストラシンボリッツ,Neburu Kuraburō Oshōto Shintasutoshi; ネキーボル) The game was developed by tri-Ace and published by Image Epoch Inc. The game features a story where the players can freely chat in real-time with each other with the ability to change the sound and type of dialogue. The game also supports group chat, where more than two players can talk to each other. ABOUT TRI-ACE Nix Online marks the return of tri-Ace, a game development studio that worked on the fantasy action role-playing game Legend of Legaia (ラジェリア). tri-Ace was founded in 1999 with the goal of creating fantasy action role-playing games for modern gamers. Their first title, the Legend of Legaia, released in 2002, has sold over 5 million copies and is still generating excitement today, with annual sales of approximately 600,000 copies. tri-Ace has also released the MMO game Sword Art Online ( and the Sword Art Online novel series, among others. tri-Ace has always aimed to create high-quality games with unique elements, and work to further enhance their appeal through communication with players. ABOUT IMAGE EPICH Image Epoch Inc. is a Japanese video game publisher headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company was established in February 1996 and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in March 2013. Image Epoch has developed and published games including Harvest Moon, Dragon Quest, Castlevania, Valkyria Chronicles, and Nobunaga’s Ambition. For more information, please visit:


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Customize your character with an extensive set of equipment and abilities
  • A vast open world where 10 kinds of event and a variety of response-changing quests await you
  • A massive online world with seamless asynchronous play with other players
  • Recommended “Life” quest – Invite others into a free battle and complete it together!
  • News:

    • Mar 4, 2017: Japanese Version Released
    • Jun 17, 2016: Demo Version Released
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    Elden Ring Free For Windows

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    Elden Ring Crack + Keygen Full Version Free Download PC/Windows Latest

    Titles of Characters Name Age Appearance Voice actor Fio 18 Pointed ears, reddish amber skin, green eyes, black hair No Rico 20 Pointed ears, green eyes, brown hair, brown skin No Alvar 24 Pointed ears, long hair, blue eyes No Hildegard 26 Pointed ears, black hair, blue eyes No Britt 20 Pointed ears, yellow hair, yellow eyes No Levi 20 Pointed ears, yellow hair, yellow eyes No Demetrio 20 Pointed ears, short hair, brown eyes No -Inaccessible to Others- Edward 20 Pointed ears, blue hair, brown eyes No – Other Characters Name Age Appearance Voice actor Oscar 18 Pointed ears, blue eyes, tan hair, green skin No -From: A Long Path- -To: Trigere 22 Pointed ears, red eyes, long hair No -From: A Long Path- -To: Kaira 20 Pointed ears, red eyes, short hair No -From: A Long Path- -To: Deane 18 Pointed ears, green eyes, long hair, brown skin No -From: A Long Path- -To: Sabrina 20 Pointed ears, red eyes, blue hair, yellow skin No -From: A Long Path- -To: Delaney 19 Pointed ears, green eyes, blue hair, brown skin No -From: A Long Path- -To: Kizzy 20 Pointed ears, light blue eyes, black hair, brown skin No -From: A Long Path- -To: Percy 19 Pointed ears, yellow eyes, black hair No -From: A Long Path- -To: Alvar


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    The world of Risen is vast, with a range of circumstances and environments where intense battle or peaceful relaxation awaits. In various environments, monsters await you to be resolutely dealt with.

    In addition to the multiplayer aspect, the game supports a full story, with the narrative aspect encompassing both scripted episodes and randomly generated segments. The game will feature a vast story with a variety of styles of engaging content to ensure maximum enjoyment and interest of players.

    The game features a character customizer and combat system where the player has the ability to freely develop their character according to their play style and tactics.

    Thanks to a feature unique to this title, you will be able to play online with other players by creating a connection through game share.


    The setting of Risen is the Lands Between, an area with a dragon that has become a magical dimension. A gap has opened between this world of the Ancients and the world of mortals, allowing only those born into nobility to ascend into the higher levels of the world. In this world, the equivalent of money called “Orbs” have been abundant. The Orbs lie at the heart of the problem of acquisition of resources and divide the labor of adventurers (monsters and NPCs).

    The time of the Antiquity has long passed, and the legends of the Ancients are deeply ingrained in the minds of the people of the Lands Between. Primitive tools are used, but primitive weapons as well. Ancient weapons such as axes, axes, one-handed weapons of wood, spears, bows, and bows from the Ancient Forest have been naturally brought to life once more.

    In addition to these, the player will be able to freely obtain weapons and armor through quests by defeating monsters, many of which have strong effects.

    3.0 FEATURES

    TESTABLE and SUPER MONSTER battles! Turn-based battles; The gameplay of this title is based on a turn-based system.


    Free Download Elden Ring [32|64bit] (April-2022)

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