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Creating e-books that can be made available for purchase through one of the most well-known online platforms may sound like a daunting task. However, if you get a hold of the appropriate software, the whole process can be actually very simple. For those who prefer a 'quick-and-dirty' tool that can get the job done without going through several windows, tabs and complex configurations, KindleGen might be exactly what you're looking for. This particular application doesn't even have a GUI and can be deployed only via command-line, but this should not be an impediment for the more advanced users. Beginners, on the other hand, may be daunted by taking on such a challenge, at least until they realize that when opening KindleGen everything is explained quite clearly. This utility is able to handle a variety of formats for input documents, including HTML, EPUB and OPF. It can even handle directories and ZIP archives as source, but only for ever-eXtending Mobile Document Format e-books or XMDF, in short, and FictionBook files (FB2). With KindleGen the e-books can be created with standard DOC or Kindle huffdic compression, but, just as well, they can remain uncompressed if necessary. In case you want to get as much feedback as possible during the actual conversion, you can add the 'verbose' parameter to the string of commands. A nice feature of this app is the ability to have all the pictures in the book converted to GIF images, which will save some space and help keep the overall size of the e-book as low as possible. Also, if you want the messages to be displayed in other languages, the localization function of this tool makes this possible. The conclusion is that the only way to appreciate what KindleGen is all about is to put it to the test. The processing is done quite fast and the results are as accurate as the input allows it.







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What is KindleGen? KindleGen is a tool designed to help you create Kindle-ready e-books. It does not require any deep knowledge of formatting but is based on a relatively simple command-line environment. KindleGen Features – Converts from DOC, HTML, EPUB, FB2 and a variety of other formats to MOBI or FB2 – Freely customizable options – Allows for adding a cover image to each cover page – GIF support for covers and logos – PDF cover support, to be used for a splash screen, for example – Tools for easy customization of tables and bullets – Very fast – Optionally allows for unlimited number of pages KindleGen Support and Tutorials KindleGen’s support forum is a good place to ask questions about KindleGen. You can also find the KindleGen project on Sourceforge. You can find more information and instructions regarding this program on the FAQ page. I highly recommend you to check out the FAQ page of KindleGen as it contains lots of useful information about the general workflow and rules for how it should be used. Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional Overview Adobe Acrobat Professional 9 is an application for working with PDF files. There are other advantages to this application, which are not directly related to the functionality of PDF and hence we will not be reviewing Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional’s features in detail, because this review is about KindleGen and not about Adobe Acrobat 9. You can download Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional from the following website: KindleGen Installation and Execution Start by opening an Administrator-level Command Prompt in Windows Vista/7. If you have any other operating system, there is a good chance that you have the ability to open an Administrator-level command prompt right from the “Start” menu. On a Mac, open an Administrator-level Terminal. If you cannot open a Command Prompt or a Terminal under Administrator level, you need to run your operating system as an Administrator. You can do this under Windows by running the “Run as administrator” option. In a Windows Command Prompt type: cd %Program Files% This will move you to the directory of your KindleGen installation. It is not necessary to go into Program Files, but this will allow you to go to where you installed KindleGen. Once the cd command has been run you will need to have downloaded

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” KindleGen is a free program that allows the conversion of various e-book formats to the MOBI file format. It can convert an entire Kindle library at once, as well as individual e-books, MobiPocket files, FB2 files, HTML files, or Zips (either ZIP or GZIP).” ____________________________________________ Click Here to go to KindleGen WebsiteHome page > Help > Mac > How to convert from your book and e-book formats” KindleGen – Kindle file Converter – Export a Kindle book from your computer into Kindle.” KindleGen – Kindle file Converter – Export a Kindle book from your computer into Kindle.” Click Here to go to KindleGen WebsiteHome page > Help > Windows > How to convert from your book and e-book formats” KindleGen – Kindle file Converter – Export a Kindle book from your computer into Kindle.” chuckb Macworld.com Review Date: 3/31/2012 Recommendation: Good Pros: Simple, cheap and fast Cons: Small size and limited to only a few formats (which you are not “forced” to use) KindleGen is a very useful free utility that allows you to easily convert an existing file to a new one. But this app has a few limitations: 1) It can export from only one Kindle device at a time. You have to import all books to be exported one by one. 2) KindleGen does not allow to export a Kindle file directly as a MOBI. You have to export as a MOBI and then import the MOBI into Kindle. 3) The only supported ePub book format is the outdated OEB format. 4) The conversion from HTML to MOBI is not that straight-forward as the conversion from ePub to MOBI. At its best, KindleGen does allow you to not only to transfer existing books to new e-book devices, but it also allows you to add some new books into the collections of Kindle and other e-book devices. For those reasons, this is a very useful app that gives you a lot of flexibility and control over your e-books and helps you to achieve interoperability with the devices of various manufacturers. KindleGen is a free program that allows the conversion of various e-book formats to the MOBI file format. It can convert an


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Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 Intel Core i5 or AMD Phenom II X2 740 8GB RAM HDD space about 7GB Gigabyte Geforce GTX 550 Ubuntu 14.04 or later OpenGL 2.1 or later Humble Bundle 1.0.0 Description: Escaping a dungeon in Ark: Survival Evolved, you’ll find only a dead-end road leading nowhere. But there’s a secret passage nearby! But before you can explore



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