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When you open Photoshop, you see the following screens by default: * The Photoshop workspace, which is the area where you do your actual work. * The menus that you use for selecting tools, navigating your workspace, and viewing menus and other graphics. * Tools, buttons, and other items that enable you to accomplish the editing tasks you need. * The Layers palette, which is the portion of Photoshop that enables you to manipulate and combine layers. You see the image on your workspace and several tools and buttons that work with layers on your workspace. * The task bar, which enables you to access additional tools and menu items. In addition, the File menu gives you the following options: * New to launch the Photoshop project window. * Open opens a file from your file system, such as a JPEG, TIFF, or PSD file. * Open Recent opens Photoshop files you have recently opened and placed in your Recycle Bin. * Save opens a file for saving to disk. * Save As opens a file with a new name in a new location. * Print opens the Print dialog box for configuring a printed copy of the image. * Close closes a file. * Undo closes the last change you made and then reverses the editing you performed. * Redo closes the last change you made and then repeats the editing you performed. * Inspect shows what’s been changed on an image. You can compare the current image to other versions, using the History panel (see the next section). * Bookmarks shows any image editing tasks you’ve performed on the document. * Return returns you to the current image. The main tool you use most is the Eraser tool, which enables you to erase any layers from a photo.

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This list shows some essential plugins that do not come included with Photoshop Elements. If you want to use the advanced features of Photoshop you must have a copy of Photoshop. Fusion Fusion is a professional photoshop alternative for Mac and Windows. It is extremely easy to use compared to Photoshop and is great for users who do not need the extensive tools provided by PS. It works with both RAW and JPEG files. Fusion is a great alternative if you’re looking to start a new hobby or you’re just looking for a new way to edit your images. It comes with everything a professional Photoshop user would need. The one downside is that it doesn’t work with all RAW images, but since you can use Adobe Camera Raw for an easy fix, you can get away with it. The biggest benefit of this program is that it’s free. Pricing: Free, $19/month, $34/month The Best Alternative to Photoshop Pixlr-a-Pix Pixlr-a-pix is a free online photo editor that is well regarded by users. It’s user friendly and has over 200 filters. You can download filters, presets, and even use them without the internet. It’s easy to use and well designed. It’s the most customizable tool in this list. You can edit the image as much as you would like and put things where you want. It also has an extensive selection of free presets for you to use. Pixlr-a-Pix is free and allows users to get creative. If you want a great alternative to Photoshop I suggest Pixlr-a-Pix. Pricing: Free The Best Alternative to Photoshop Kuler Kuler is a great alternative to Photoshop. It’s a place to collect and share color palettes. Kuler is a great tool to have for designing visuals or for making your digital camera capture the colors you want. You can create palettes based on various colors you see on the web or use presets from professional designers. There are many different websites and apps on the internet that use Kuler to make their content look professional or fit their company’s brand. This is a great resource to practice your color palettes. Pricing: Free, Priced 388ed7b0c7

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Foeticide: healthcare professionals’ attitudes and practices. Foeticide is an illegal act whereby a woman deliberately kills her unborn child. In Australia, the issue of foeticide as a public health problem has been raised. This study examines attitudes and practices of healthcare professionals (HCPs) towards foeticide. A self-administered online survey of 643 HCPs in public and private hospitals in Western Sydney, Australia, in 2010 was conducted. Participants were asked questions about their attitudes towards foeticide, and whether they had made any attempts to intervene to stop foeticide. A total of 55.2% (of 643) of HCPs had experienced a “confrontational” obstetric situation during their professional life, of whom 77.5% would have “definitely” considered the foetus to be a person. In all of these cases, the HCPs knew the foetal gestational age, gender and estimated weight. Eighty-five percent of the HCPs had not sought legal advice to deal with the obstetric situation, and 87.3% had not sought medical advice. Less than half of the HCPs (39.6%) had made any attempt to intervene to stop foeticide, such as advising the patient on the procedure of terminating a pregnancy. Only 22.6% of the HCPs had made any attempt to counsel the woman about the foetal status of her pregnancy. There are important implications for pregnant women and the HCPs involved, such as the need for greater awareness of the offence of foeticide among HCPs in obstetrics, the need to counsel women on the legal situation of an unviable pregnancy, and the use of resources in such situations.Radiation doses to legal representatives in endoscopy: dose measurement analysis and prevention of unnecessary exposure. Lawsuits between families of patients and physicians and insurers have resulted in legal counsel in some cases. Their presence at the examination room during endoscopic procedures is the routine. Legal representatives of the patient are exposed to the same radiation as the patient. Attempts to reduce radiation doses to legal representatives are recommended. We investigated the presence of legal representatives by their request, examination schedule, and examination room preparations. Legal representatives of the patient (mother, wife, or widow) were allowed to be present for evaluation of findings. There were 11,930 endoscopic examinations in the Digestive Disease Center (including Esophagogastroduodenoscopy

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Introduction ============ The judgment of the physician is the first moment of a large process. Diagnosis is made based on his analysis, explanation and thought, evaluated by the patient’s feeling and experience. The patient also brings his own experience and insight to the situation and the physician should always know this. Background ========== Gerontologists are faced with a wide range of medical-technical equipment in their practice. Anesthesiology and intensive care medicine are relatively new medical specialties and gerontological practice can be considered as a new type of medical practice. Objectives ========== The important aspect of medical care is the therapeutic success in relation to a reduction of the patient’s risk, pain and suffering, improvement in the patient’s quality of life and in the case of death the quality of death. The need of gerontologists to focus on all these aspects is even more pronounced because of the gerontological illness in the elderly population. When gerontological patients come to the gerontological practice, one may expect a higher prevalence of medical illnesses in this group and an increase in the complexity of their medical care. In the same way as in adult medicine, gerontologists have to deal with a higher number of patients than gerontologically trained specialists and need to show what kind of medical care is available to the elderly patient. The aim of this study was to show the range of medical equipment and the range of the quality of care in the daily practice of gerontologists. Methods ======= In this descriptive study medical, economic and emotional parameters were evaluated in the medical history of a group of elderly patients. The patients were consecutively referred by the geriatric outpatient clinic to a gerontological consultation. The gerontological consultations were performed in the special ward of the gerontological outpatient clinic, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Results ======= In the group of 363 patients, 46% was male and 54% female. The average age was 77.8 years (range 57-101) and most patients were in the age group 80-89. In 70% of the cases the medical history contained a medical illness. In this group of 70%, the most frequent medical illness was hypertension with 54%. Respiratory diseases were present in 37%, cardiovascular diseases in 36% and neurological diseases in 24%. 65% of the patients suffered from two or more medical illnesses. Most patients, 48%, were treated at home. A total of

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All 64-bit (x64) Windows versions Windows 7 (SP1) Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2016 Minimum: 2 GB of RAM 1024 x 768 display 1 GB of free hard disk space Recommended: 4 GB of RAM 1600 x 1200 display 3 GB of free hard disk space DirectX 12.0 Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 (SP1)



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